Medium & Psychic Artist

I'm extremely passionate about giving people proof to help them understand that we do not, and cannot die, but that we simply move on to a different and better place, still remaining around our loved ones.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are certain questions that I’m often asked, and others that are regularly asked about mediumship in general, so I’ve tried to answer the most common questions here.  As always though, if there’s anything you want to know that I’ve not covered, please feel free to get in touch.


Q.  Do you ‘tell fortunes?

A.  No, not as such, and certainly not in the “you’re going to meet a tall, dark, handsome stranger” or the “I see foreign travel” sense!  However, when I connect with your loved ones, they may very well offer advice in the same way as they did in life.  This tends to come over through subtle questions such as “have you considered X” or “have you thought about Y.” If they feel that they need to guide you, their wise words will still be there, and they are likely to nudge you gently in the right direction.  People so often say, “I wish I could talk to Nana about that” or “I wish Dad was still here to talk things through”.  Essentially, they are still here, and will offer their thoughts and guidance through my mediumship.  

On the other side of this spectrum, I have in the past drawn portraits of people that turned out to be partners yet to be met!  Essentially though, I can only pass on to you what I am given, but rest assured that any communications will be constructive and positive, but honest. 

Q.  Am I going to hear anything ‘bad’ about my life or my future? 

A.  Spirit DO NOT GIVE frightening or upsetting news to anybody, and certainly not through my mediumship. Please always remember that the people I will be communicating with will be your loved ones, or those who have a close interest in your wellbeing.  They are no more likely to wish to hurt you now than they would have been in ‘life’.  Our loved ones in spirit only communicate with us to help and guide us, never to hurt or upset us.  
In terms of any potential unwanted communicators from spirit, rest assured that we all have a Guide/Doorkeeper/Guardian Angel – whatever name you care to use, but basically someone who’s always there watching over us and there to offer help – we only need to ask.  
Sadly though, for every genuine medium out there, there are probably a hundred that would like (and claim) to have this gift.  If you’re ever told anything bad or unpleasant by any of them, please take this with a pinch of salt and my assurances that these sorts of messages HAVE NOT COME FROM SPIRIT.

Q.  Can I ask questions in a sitting?

A.  Yes of course, and they’re always listening.  If they can and will answer your questions, I’ll certainly tell you.  Essentially I’m just a telephone link, and I’ll relay whatever I get.   

Q. Can I ask for a portrait of a particular person?

A.  You can certainly ask.  However, I have no control over who comes through, so although I usually draw the ‘hoped for’ portrait, I can’t make any promises.  The best thing to do would be to speak to me in person to request a specific person, as a voice link always helps me to make a connection.

Q.  I would like to order a portrait as a gift.  How can I do this without asking the person who the gift is for to fill out a form?

A.  I have drawn portraits as a surprise gift on several occasions.  This is achieved by the person buying the gift sending me a sample of the recipient’s handwriting in some form or another.  Experience tells me that anything will do; from a hastily scrawled shopping list to a post-it-note stuck on the fridge, just as long as it contains that person’s handwriting, I can almost certainly work from it. 

Q.  How long is the wait for a portrait, sitting or phone reading?

A.  It’s difficult to say, as of course it depends on how busy I am, but I always try to meet everyone’s needs as quickly as possible.  I do try to keep the wait for a portrait down to no more than 6 weeks wherever possible, and it is frequently much quicker.


Q.  Is it morally right to charge for this sort of work?

A.  I would love to be able to do all the work I do for spirit for free, however I do have to make a charge in order to pay for my travel and expenses.  Because I do my evening demonstrations for nothing, and then give away the portraits that I draw on the night, I have to find some way to cover the significant costs I incur putting fuel in the car, and paying for accommodation when I’m demonstrating a long way from home.  
I do often work for free, as spirit uses my mediumship constantly – even frequently waking me in the middle of the night to tell me something!  Whether I’m nipping to the Post Office to post a parcel, or in M&S buying new undies, the messages come thick and fast, and unless I can sense that it really isn’t going to be well received, I gladly pass on those messages.  (Just hope that you’re not behind me in the queue, because when your mum or gran see an opportunity to get their message across to you, they don’t care how many other people are waiting to get to that counter…)
In the event of somebody being in real need of a reading but unable to pay, I would never withhold the gift that I am so privileged to have.

Q.  Don’t so called mediums just ‘cold read’ or have plants in the audience?  Is your work genuine?

A.  Sadly, there are people out there who profess to have the gift of mediumship but who do not have this gift, and who apparently use techniques such as reading body language and asking leading questions to glean information.  I imagine that this would be incredibly difficult, but I am fortunate in that my mediumship is genuine and natural.  I am simply acting as a channel for communication, much like a telephone line.  I’ve always been able to do this, it has always been and will always be normal to me, and the proof that I bring through time after time after time speaks for itself.  
The beauty of my psychic art is that there is ‘nowhere to hide’ – my hands are used to produce incredibly detailed portraits in just a matter of minutes while I am in a light trance, and the results are there for all to see.  There have been many, many occasions when the picture I have drawn has not been immediately recognised, but has later been matched to a photograph discovered in the dusty corner of a relative’s attic.  Short of searching the attics of hundreds of people all over the country each week, memorising the pictures and then reproducing them accurately on stage, I’m not sure how I could do this if my gift was not genuine.  And telepathy can’t be an option as I have been known to produce portraits of those not yet met!!  
I do understand why people might be sceptical about something which is so unfamiliar to many, but I prove my gift night after night – do please come and see for yourself.  (And if anyone can think of any way in which it would be possible to fake what I do, I’d be fascinated to hear!)

Q.  Many critics ask why mediums don’t have the winning lottery numbers or why they don’t give surnames.  Are these valid questions?

A.  There are many critics out there – particularly in the media – who mock and joke and ask why, if we have the ability to communicate with those who have passed over, do we not ask for the winning lottery numbers and why spirit “never have surnames”.  In brief, I get the information that I get.  I do sometimes manage to bring surnames across, especially if they’re particularly meaningful in some way.  But, if I’m not given a surname but I correctly tell a sitter that they have three brothers called John, Edward and William, a sister called Elspeth, and that their father says thank you for the toy car you put in his coffin, that tends to be sufficient proof.  It is generally extremely difficult for our loved ones to communicate with us.  When they can communicate, it is important for them to give proof of their survival, and pieces of information such as those I’ve just mentioned achieve this very effectively.  Once they’ve given this proof, they’re pretty unlikely to waste their valuable energy giving you their surname – which you already know.  Equally, if the rare opportunity to communicate with you arises, they will almost invariably have something more meaningful to say than “here are Saturday’s lottery numbers!”  The gift I have is a huge privilege, and I would never abuse that by asking anything trivial.  (That said, if someone wants to drop those numbers in to me, I won’t turn them down…).