Medium & Psychic Artist

I'm extremely passionate about giving people proof to help them understand that we do not, and cannot die, but that we simply move on to a different and better place, still remaining around our loved ones.


Because – to quote a well-known idiom – “a picture paints a thousand words,” I’ve included a tiny sample of my work here, alongside the photographs that the recipients of these sketches have later sent to me. These are just a few examples from the many hundreds that I have sent out, but they hopefully give a good idea of the quality of the sketches that are produced through my hands, as well as showing their accuracy.

If you would like to order your own portrait or to buy one as a gift for someone, please visit my ‘book a postal portrait‘ page and follow the instructions there.


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sandy-ingham-drawing-03 sandy-ingham-drawing-00
sandy-ingham-drawing-02 sandy-ingham-drawing-01