Medium & Psychic Artist

I'm extremely passionate about giving people proof to help them understand that we do not, and cannot die, but that we simply move on to a different and better place, still remaining around our loved ones.

Book a telephone/Skype reading

I’m very happy to give personal readings by telephone, as I am able to connect to spirit through your voice. I will call you either on a landline number or mobile phone.

Readings last for a minimum of 30 minutes, but depending on who comes through to communicate with you, it is quite common for this to extend towards an hour (and even two is not unknown!!)

You can either send payment to me at the address on my contact page (cheques payable to Mrs Ingham), or pay using the Paypal button at the bottom of this page.

Important: You will also then need to contact me either by email, text or telephone to arrange a mutually convenient time for the reading, and to give me a landline or mobile number that I can use to call you. Please note if you are outside the UK further charges apply. International and Channel Islands please contact me for details.

Please ensure you select the correct location below – UK, INTERNATIONAL (including Isle of Man) or EUROPE only.
Unfortunately we can only accept payment by cheque or bankers orders in UK currency.


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