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I'm extremely passionate about giving people proof to help them understand that we do not, and cannot die, but that we simply move on to a different and better place, still remaining around our loved ones.

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I have now read this stunning metaphysical work not once, but twice, in the last several days since its release just recently. To say that it is a powerful story would be an understatement, and would not do it justice.

It is, in fact, a virtually unprecedented work of great magnitude and depth and scope. The story of Sandy’s life experience is not only compelling in its gravity and meaning, but the personal testimonial accounts of individuals who experienced Readings and who received Spirit Portraits from Sandy are poignant and heart rending.

No one could dare dispute the incontrovertible evidence in physical form of the Portraits rendered and the accompanying photographs of those since passed, which were provided to Sandy after the sittings and only after the drawings were made, many of which are included here as well.

Furthermore, upon completing this work it would be an exercise in futility to doubt the credibility of the claim that “Leo” is who Sandy states he is, nor that he is the force and hand behind this remarkable phenomenon.

From the non physical realms, “Leo” brings to light here in these detailed Portraits the messages, communications, images and thus, the proof of existence in the afterlife of those who have transitioned to the otherside in a way that is both uncanny and spiritually stimulating.

A true healing experience and a must read for all those confronted with the grief, the pain and the confusion concerning the passing of a loved one, and anyone seeking to learn about the continuation of life after the death experience.

Tuesday 14 May 2019

Joseph Robert


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 A book has recently been written about my life and work, which explores my gift and my work as a Medium and Psychic Artist.  It draws (with the consent of those involved of course) on some of the incredible and heart wrenching cases that I’m involved in day to day.  It also very revealingly examines my life to date. 

This illuminating and thought provoking biography has been written by author James Christie, who has had more than thirty years’ experience working in the realm of the paranormal.  James’ works to date include a trilogy of fascinating biographies on Steve Holbrook, as well as the amazing and thoroughly recommended ‘In the Arms of the Wind’. 

Published in late November 2011, it is available to buy here on my website using the Paypal button below and at my demonstrations, as well as through all good bookshops using ISBN 978 09527109 8 1.

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