Medium & Psychic Artist

I'm extremely passionate about giving people proof to help them understand that we do not, and cannot die, but that we simply move on to a different and better place, still remaining around our loved ones.

Buy a DVD

We make a DVD recording of all the evenings at which I demonstrate, which shows my portraits being produced.  This also records sound, so the messages communicated by Stephen throughout the evening can also be heard, though the camera is trained on my sketchpad throughout.

If you would like to purchase a copy of the DVD made at any of the evening venues, these are available at just £15.00 per copy, plus £1 P&P within the UK. They make a lovely memento of an evening, particularly if you have received a portrait from me and/or a message from Steve.

If you are interested in buying one of these DVD’s, please use the button below or send your payment to me at the address given on my contact page.  Don’t forget that you’ll need to give me the name and date of the venue that you wish to receive the recording of, together with your name, address, and a contact telephone number.

Please ensure you select the correct location below – UK, INTERNATIONAL or EUROPE only.
Unfortunately we can only accept payment by cheque or bankers orders in UK currency.

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