Medium & Psychic Artist

I'm extremely passionate about giving people proof to help them understand that we do not, and cannot die, but that we simply move on to a different and better place, still remaining around our loved ones.


I am very fortunate in that from time to time, the people who ‘sit’ with me, despite their busy lives, are kind enough to send me the full accounts of the circumstances and wonderful stories surrounding their sittings.  Often, and completely understandably, these are very private, but reproduced in full here – with the kind permission of Julie – is one of these stories; the touching account of my meeting with her in 2010

I’ve also included here a small selection of comments from my visitors’ book, to give you an idea of how people typically feel about their experience.  (I’ve only used first names or initials in order to preserve the anonymity of contributors).

“Amazing, comforting, a truly remarkable lady. Wow! Loved every moment.” Julie

“Absolutely amazing! 100% proof.” Catherine

“Thank you so much, an unbelievable, wonderful experience. My heart is healed – no words can express this experience.” MC

“Very impressed – Sandy is the most accurate medium I have ever been to see.” Amanda

“Amazingly accurate, names, dates and people all known.” Caroline

“Fantastic reading, very accurate with names. Felt as if I was speaking to my Nan. Lots of information given which only I could have known. Thank you.” Natalie

“Absolutely fantastic. Glad I brought hankies! Very satisfied with the names. I will treasure my picture of my precious daughter. Thank you. X” Annette

“My visit to Sandy has totally blown me away! I have seen many mediums, and some I think were very good, but Sandy totally comes at the top of my list. I will definitely be making her reputation well known. Thank you.” Wendy

“What a lovely experience!! Never really been a big believer but now I have no doubts. Thanks loads.” Natasha

“Uplifting and rewarding. So many relatives came, thank you.” John

“Thank you for making me well again and communicating with my mum…I can only treasure today and become more positive. Thank you so much.” ZH

“I was extremely happy with my reading and I recognised my pictures immediately.” JM

“I feel over the moon with my reading! Very accurate and specific.” KH

“I am in awe of the reading given to me; the picture of my Gran is uncanny…Thank you!” CB

“Wonderful. I’m very happy!” Sue

“Thank you. You have helped me. x” Emma

“Absolutely amazing. I was re-assured and brought everything I wanted to know. I’m so glad I came. Can’t thank you enough, it has brought me happiness forever.” Louisa

“Absolutely thrilled at what Sandy has told me. I asked my mum (who’s in spirit) 5 things on the way to see Sandy, and all 5 things were answered. A lovely person, and so honest in what comes through. Thank you so much.” Sophie

“Good reading, very accurate, with lots of names given. She also mentioned something that only I could know.” Pauline

“A beautiful session that has made me at peace within myself. Thank you.” Cindy

“Sandy is amazing…she is spot on and told me things she would never have known. I feel comforted and reassured.” Suzie

“I am so very pleased I came to see Sandy, my reading was accurate and I was given the answers I needed. I am going away feeling so much better, knowing the reading I had was very good and that Sandy is genuine. Thank you so very much.” Brenda

“Amazing portrait, I identified it straight away. Very accurate.” AM