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I'm extremely passionate about giving people proof to help them understand that we do not, and cannot die, but that we simply move on to a different and better place, still remaining around our loved ones.

Julies Story

Julie’s Account of Her Meeting with Sandy Ingham in 2010


I lost my beautiful daughter 5 years ago in 2005.  She was 21 and studying at a flight school in Florida to become a Commercial Pilot.  10 weeks into her course, whilst flying a plane solo, she lost her life when the plane crashed.  We later found out the plane had a faulty flap switch and because of this I lost my daughter.

I began looking for answers and for me I felt the need to find a Medium who could reach her and give me proof that one day I will be with her again.  I was an Atheist and now I would say that I’m an Agnostic.  I have seen about 30 different Mediums from wacky to bad to average.

I had never heard of Sandy Ingham and had never been to see Steven Holbrook before.  But in July 2010 as I read my local paper I noted he was coming to town very soon, and seeing that a psychic artist was performing with him made me want to book.

His performance was stunning, entertaining and very emotional, but Sandy’s talent is amazing. How can she draw not just one portrait but two together – in 5 minutes. WOW.

I filled in a form for a portrait to be done and handed the money over to a man – he told me he couldn’t take hold of the form, his wife Sandy had to touch it herself. Then in the interval my mum who was with me decided she wanted to order one too, so I escorted her to the front of the hall to pay for hers.

As mum was waiting to pay – Sandy came straight up to me, looked into my eyes and just came out with “Who’s Lisa?”

After 5 years of searching for the right medium, to say I was shocked is such an UNDERSTATEMENT. I was frozen to the spot – gob smacked and frightened.  I never thought this would ever happen.  I grabbed mums hand to come and listen – Sandy said she had my dad with her and that Lisa wanted to give me a hug. We both found our seats and sat in stunned silence for the second part of the show.

Two weeks later our portraits arrived.  Both were male pictures. We were gutted as we had so hoped it would be Lisa.  Mine was a picture of my uncle who passed away about 7 years earlier.

I needed to make an appointment for a one to one reading with Sandy, but just something was stopping me from doing this. I was so frightened of what I would hear.  I just could not ring her.

Four months later, and only because I was moving further away from where she lived, I decided to ring her.  The date was fixed for Sunday 28th November 2010.

(This might seem like the most boring information about my car, but just remember it as it just might give you goose bumps later.)  We had just had our 4×4 car in for a service and been told that the bearing had gone on the back and it was advisable not to drive far in case it seized up completely – but I was determined to make that appointment.

We begged our neighbour to lend us her car (not a 4×4).  But when we woke up on that morning the weather was atrocious, another foot of snow had fallen during the night and the forecast was for more snow during the day.  But still I was determined to get there.  We made it, just – but had to park the car on the main road about 80 meters away from Sandy’s house as her road was just too bad to take an ordinary car along – especially as it wasn’t ours.

We were both welcomed and warmed up with a cup of tea and my reading began.

Sandy explained how she worked, told us a bit about her life and then BOOM – she came straight out with “What happened to your car? Where is the blue one?”

WOW – who could have known that – only our kind neighbour who had lent us her black car, while our blue car sat on our drive!!

And that was just the start.  Three hours and fifty minutes later we said our goodbyes and carefully drove home stunned.

I had been in touch with my daughter – the first time in five years – it was like the telephone call I have missed and wished for all the time since she died.  Sandy even got in exquisite detail, the exact fault on the plane, which could only be found when the micro switch from the wreckage was sent off by NTSB (National Transport Safety Board) flight inspectors to be examined by experts in microscopic forensics in New York.

The content of the reading contained details that only myself and Lisa would have known.  There is no explanation! Other than 100% proof that Lisa passed this onto Sandy – who relayed it on to me.

It’s been a long, hard, sad five years and each day is just another day that I live without her. Oh how I wish I could have a connection with her every day. I miss the trivia a mother and daughter talk about.  I miss her love, cuddles and her smell, but at least I now know that one day I will be with her again – and this is the belief Sandy has given me.

Bless you Sandy – I can now live for that day.

If that isn’t proof enough – I will share the portrait Sandy did for me that day with you.

Sandy said she would try to draw a portrait for us, but not to get our hopes up as sometimes you don’t get the one you want (as we already knew).

She started drawing and as soon as she started pencilling long hair, I just know it was Lisa. The portrait is amazing – she couldn’t have done better if Lisa was standing in front of her. But as we know, “Lisa was”!