Medium & Psychic Artist

I'm extremely passionate about giving people proof to help them understand that we do not, and cannot die, but that we simply move on to a different and better place, still remaining around our loved ones.

A Testament From The Other Side

There is a certain air of doubt and skepticism when it comes to talks of ‘the other realm’. It makes us feel uncomfortable to even approach the topic, let alone experience it. Perhaps its because we have a limited understanding in this area or perhaps society has ingrained, in us, such a cynical attitude towards the ‘unknown’.

Humanity prides itself on the knowledge of the world as a tangible and observable creation, it is predictable or at least it has a pattern at which we can follow. For some, there is no space for the belief in the unknown; there just isn’t enough evidence.

As a reputable medium and psychic artist, Sandra Ingham confronts this taboo head on. Her gift is that which allows her to connect to the spirit realm, to help people deal with grief, to comfort those who have lost a loved one. She is the voice for the voiceless, the known for the unknown, a comfort for the uncomforting. At 68 years old, she conducts tours all over the world, imparting her gift to those that seek it, in private and on stage. She describes to me, very light-heartedly almost like it is ordinary, what happens during these encounters, ‘ I go into a trance state where my mind is completely altered of any thoughts, I will then see color developing and feel an urge to draw’. Whilst in this trance-like state, she is completely unaware of what she is doing; the whole process takes around 45 seconds, with help from Leo, her artist and guide, who takes over her body, and as a team, they draw out portraits of the spirit in contact, and always, almost without fail, a look of astonishment will be smacked across the face of her guests, whether a skeptic or a follower, as they recognize who it is in the portrait.

Every hair on my body stood as she revealed her experiences over the 8 years since she discovered her vocation. The one in particular that stood out was her experience as she was in a hair salon, waiting for the color to set in her hair. She starts to draw a man and the hair stylist, who exclaims ‘that’s my grandfather!’ recognizing the image almost immediately. I can feel her delight as she chuckles at the faint memory in telling me how it all began.

A somber tone takes over the conversation as she tells me, growing up, she suffered a painful childhood, how she dealt with this was to protect herself by ‘closing down’ her mind as she found complete relaxation in that space. ‘Spirits comfort me…a team of people in spirit look after me’, she says nonchalantly. As a child, she was completely oblivious about her gift, thinking that everyone else saw as she saw, that everyone else experienced as she experienced.

Throughout our conversation, I can’t help but think of how passionate and zealous she is about people, that she ‘loves taking the tears away’, and replace it with a cheerful smile of both hope and closure. Although it is not the normal nine-to-five profession, it is far more the compassionate one based on the philosophy of love; it is undoubtedly a rare gift in the hands of a very benevolent lady who laughs in the face of skepticism.